Rosemary Elkington

Rosemary was born in Pangani, Nairobi on 27th August 1928. There were only two
siblings, she and her elder brother John born 1922-1984.
Their mother, Mary was a staunch Christian.

Rosemary also attended the Christian Missionary Society School that is where her brother met Richard  Elkington, whom she later married.

Rosemary and her brother used to travel to and from school on the rickshaws which were the only means of transport those days, before the introduction of motor cars in Colonial Kenya.

Rosemary, like her mother Mary, was not only beautiful but was clever, intelligent and gifted as a seamstress, making clothes for her children, nieces and nephews. Once to the delight of her husband Richard she sewed a complete car seat, it was professionally done.

Another hobby was cooking, where she created interesting food by trying out new recipes. She also showed talent in interior decorating, making their home, one of the prettiest in the neighborhood.

At home there were a cook, a gardener and a maid to look after the children as long as Richard was alive. After his death only a maid could be retained.

Rosemary Elkington (on the far left) with her children being visisted
by her brother-in-law John Elkington and his son Bob.
(woman in the foreground is the childrenīs nanny)